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ICS (Intelligent Charging Systems) provide complete all in one, smart and long term OZEV approved Electric vehicle charging solutions.

iCS (Intelligent Charging Systems) is a division of Lancaster Holdings, a group of specialist companies established to service the commercial and domestic electrical sectors with over 30 years’ experience. Working closely with electrical wholesale stockists across the UK, in delivering customer focussed solutions with excellent technical and after-sales support. The EV charging division has been in the planning and development phase since 2015, providing solutions to those requiring EV charging points in the Home and Commercial locations.

Further to long term investment in the iCS division to research and develop a class-leading product range and software package, iCS have created a team of experienced personnel with extensive industry experience to achieve a similar level of success to that achieved by its other divisions over its 30-year history. iCS has established itself as a key stakeholder in the EV Charge-point market in the UK and beyond.

Why choose iCS

All-in-one solution

iCS provides a complete ‘all in one’ smart and long term OZEV approved Electric Vehicle charging solutions. iCS charge points differ from competitors on the market as there is no need to add earth rods, surge protection, or communication hubs, creating a convenient one box solution.

Smart software

Along with numerous accessories and our market leading software management system iCS2.0, we provide a truly intelligent, interoperable and functional Electric Vehicle charging solution.

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Suitable for all vehicles

For maximum functionality, iCS Electric Vehicle chargers are compatible with all Electric and Plug in hybrid vehicles currently on the UK market.

OZEV approvals

Office for zero emission vehicles

Are you eligible for an OZEV grant?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a team working across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles.

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Electric Vehicle Home Charging Scheme

EVHS allows drivers (including company car drivers) to claim up to £350 off the installation of a charge point at their home.

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Workplace Charging Scheme

WCS offers up to £350 per socket off the installation of charge points, up to 20 sockets per business.

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