iCS2.0 Charging Management Software

Our Market leading software intelligently controls and manages your EV network.

Charging stations are administered on a multi-level web portal with fully customisable options and access levels giving you total control to set bespoke charging strategies.

How it works

Smart charging

With iCS2.0 intelligent software you can increase the number of vehicles being charged without costly network power upgrades. A site’s total power usage can be taken into account ensuring power is distributed intelligently and efficiently.

  • Load balancing

    Smart energy management and dynamic load balancing
  • Optimise your network

    Increase the maximum number and speed of charging without upgrading infrastructure
  • Power distribution

    Intelligent total site load management

Future Proof

Future-proof, flexible and easy addition of new charging points. This feature potentially saves a vast amount of money.

Grow your network

Scalable licenses for an unlimited number of connected charge points

Remote Management

Control of your charging network from anywhere in the world with in internet connection is a huge benefit of the cloud based iCS2.0 backend software platform. All changes are made in real time with blazingly fast responsiveness and with reassuring reliability.

Make your stations visible and available to thousands of EV drivers or keep it private


  • Intuitive

    User friendly interface and simple configuration with assistance

  • Customisable

    A fully customisable and brandable graphical dashboard display

  • Real-time data

    Data reports and analytics, available with a click


Manage the way revenue is generated from your EV charging network. iCS2.0 allows charging tariffs to be set for each location and gives you the capability to enable every EV driver to charge at your points.

  • Complete control

    You control if drivers can charge at any iCS charge point with one central invoice raised including a costed break down of charging sessions per driver
  • Quick pay

    Take payments securely from drivers via QR codes
  • Payment tokens

    Pre paid cards can be set up for a specific number of sessions or a total KW on charge points for you to invoice or gift


Our system gives you full control of your EV charging network from anywhere in the world. Updates can be pushed, charge-points can be activated and diagnostics can be run remotely, all without the need for an expensive technician.

  • OTA updates and healthcheck
  • Obtain charge point diagnostics
  • Update charge point firmware
  • Reset / Restart charge points

Charge assist app

Drivers using iCS charge points connected to the iCS2.0 software platform have the choice to use the free iCS Charge Assist App. Available on iOS & Android devices the app provides an intuitive user experience and negates the need for an RFID card to initiate charging sessions.

  • Pin point navigation towards charge points
  • View charging progress
  • Remotely start and stop charge sessions
  • Use our smart and priority charging technology
  • Search for charge points & filter for pricing & power types
  • Review recent charge session information
  • Scan QR codes to start charging