iCS2.0Lite Charging App

Effectively control and manage your EV chargers

Groups of charging stations are controlled through our free to use app giving you total control of the access to your charging network.

Download the iCS2.0Lite app from Google Play and the App Store

How it works

User Permissions

Charge stations are ‘bound’ to a group through a user account designated as an administrator. The administrator can invite other users to the group to give access to charge stations within the group and remove authorisation as necessary. All authorised users can operate the charge stations and bind their own RFID cards for authorising charge sessions without a smartphone needing to be present.


Multiple schedules can be added to charge vehicles automatically at a time most convenient to you. This can be to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates or for when the available electrical capacity is at its highest. If the available capacity is lower during the scheduled time or if you wish to free up capacity for other equipment, the schedule also allows you to dictate the charging rate from 6A to 32A.

Manual Charging

To manually initiate a charging session, you simply press the “Start” button on the app to begin. At this point, it is also possible to change the charging output from 6 to 32 Amps if necessary. If preferred, you can also decide to delay the start of charging from 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Charging progress is displayed on the main screen and stopping the session can be instant or delayed as required.

Usage Information

Each authorised user can review usage information for all chargers in the group for up to 1 year. This is represented in a graph as well as individual record entries detailing the date, time started, time finished & total kWh consumed. Filters allow to review details of specific chargers if required.


Notifications to your smartphone can also be set up to advise when charging sessions have started and ended. As an administrator, it is handy to know when charge stations are being used by other users and useful for all to know when you have a fully charged vehicle.