Technical Specifications

  • Load management hubs allow for charge stations to change their charging capacity depending on the total electrical usage at a location
  • Useful in applications where the incoming supply is limited and there is a possibility of exceeding this capacity if all appliances including the EV charge station are running concurrently
  • iCS load management hubs are used with included CT clamp to measure electrical usage in real time and communicate to the charge station the maximum current to be made available for EV charging
  • Wi-Fi connection up to 252 chargers or RS485 connection to 1 charger
  • The hub creates it's own Wi-Fi access point allowing easy local configuration using a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Solar and iCS battery storage integration allow chargers to use excess solar generation for charging electric vehicles
  • Compatible with ICSH7C, ICSW7C, ICSW22C, ICSW22B, ICSW7CPT and ICSW22CPT charging stations

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